Acts 2:1-7, 8-13, 14-18, 19-21

The Importance of Fire 

The Two Pentecosts 

1 Peter 4:12-15, 16-19

1 Peter 5:6-11

How can I make sure that suffering MAKES me and doesn’t BREAK me?

  1. Don’t be surprised by suffering. 
  2. Know the devil LOVES when Christians are in a place of isolation. 
    1. The devil LOVES when Christians are in a place of isolation, so DO NOT BE ALONE
  3. It’s good to ask God “Why?” or “How long?”, but don’t put God in a box. 

1 Peter 3:13-17, 18-22

In Christ… your failures unlock your future.

  1. You have no reason to fear because your failures unlock your future.
  2. You are baptized so your failures unlock your future.
  3. Jesus is still on the throne, so your failures unlock your future.

1 Peter 2:1-6, 7-10

Maturity and community are directly linked together.

  1. Living stones being built up as a spiritual house
  2. A Royal Priesthood
  3. A Chosen Race, A Holy Nation, A People for His own possession

John 9:38-41

John 10:1-5, 6-10, 11-15

What does it mean that ALL OF US are sheep?

  • Sheep don’t know what’s good for them.
  • Even thought sheep try to go their own way, they need a shepherd.

Why do we need a shepherd?

Why is Jesus the only GOOD shepherd?


Have we met?  JOY

Romans 15:13, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Have we met?  HOPE

Ephesians 1:18-19, Isaiah 40:31, Hebrews 10:23

Have we met? GRACE

Ephesians 1:7, 2 Corinthians 12:9

Have we met? LOVE

John 3:16, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Have we met? PEACE

John 16:33, Psalm 4:8, John 14:27

Have you met Him?

1 Peter 1:3-9

In refining, you find your hope.

Why does having a living hope matter?

  1.  A Living Hope means you do not suffer alone.
  2. A Living Hope means you have a brighter future ahead.
  3. A Living Hope means your true hope is always with you.

When you begin with Christ you begin anew

John 20:1-2

John 20:3-7, 8-10

John 20:11-16, 17-18

When you begin with Christ you begin anew, and that calls you to radicalism 


John 12:9-15, 16-19

In loss of control, clarity dawns
unveiling what truly mattered all along.

What are the things you sacrifice
in life to feel like you’re more in control?


5 Phases of Freedom: